Queen’s Court Open

When: June 22

Where: 4740 Dues Dr, West Chester, OH

Queen City Sword Guild’s first tournament, featuring steel longsword. More details to follow.

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HarvestFecht 2019

More details to follow.



HarvestFecht 2018

When: September 21-23

Where: Oregonia, OH

Queen City Sword Guild’s first HEMA sparring camp. On the weekend of September 21st, come down to Oregonia OH for a weekend of HEMA activities. 

Classes include:
- Mair Polearm taught by Ben Houck
- Meyer Dagger taught by Kevin Umstead
- Adapting HEMA For Stage and Film by Rob DeHoff
- Longsword by Chris Hobbs
- Intro to Blacksmithing by Ben Houck and Dave Pharis

Classes will be taught all day Saturday, with a group melee planned for Sunday. Sparring is encouraged through the whole weekend. 

Cost is $60 and covers food (actual good food) and participation. Space for camping will also be provided. 

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