Here is a list of helpful links to help new HEMAists find the right equipment or the best online resources to help deepen their knowledge of the art. 

Fencing Gear

Note: new students should consult their local club on what gear to buy first. 

  • HEMA gear list - a mostly up-to-date list of sword, jacket, and glove options
  • Trusted sites for gear:
    • Purpleheart Armory ships from the US, has a large variety of training weapons (as well as solid options for protective gear), and is very good at restocking and shipping on-time. 
    • South Coast Swords is the US distributor for Blackfencer training weapons and Superior Fencing (rebranded as Lynx) protective gear. Weapons they ship reliably but are slow on restocking, protective gear is less reliable. 
    • HEMA Supplies is the US distributor for Regenyei feders, Sparringglove-brand gloves, and Black Armory jackets, all highly recommended brands within the HEMA community. 
    • Neyman Fencing ships from Europe but has a wide variety of customization options on their protective gear. 

Further Reading

Instructional Videos